Friday Footnotes


1. Lettering Index

Feeling so very thankful to Brad Woodard for sharing this wonderful lettering resource! The Letter Index is a jackpot of letters and words in a variety of styles from script to logo to hand made. It’s just amazing. Quite often I’m asked to write out someone’s name and just my handwriting will be used for their logo. That’s quite a lot of pressure on my little pen and me, so this will be a hand resource to look up interesting and new ways of adding flourishes to make their letters a little more unique. I’m going to start pinning some right away! See my Handwriting, Lettering and Calligraphy board here.

2. The Hidden Sea

For another jaw dropping typo-centric piece, I’m loving Jon Contino‘s new type and illusration work for The Hidden Sea‚ it’s just gorgeous! I’m already a big fan of Jon Contino, especially his other nautical inspired designs, but this just blows them out of the water (pun intended)… And I just love how the flourishes emulate waves… I just keep staring wide eyed at the letterforms. I kinda want to get a bottle of the wine just to have it on display in my nautical themed office. 🙂 View more images here on The Dieline.

3. Oh Joy! at Target

I just love all these new Target collections by bloggers and designers I’ve been following for years—I posted about Dana Tanamachi’s collection a few months ago! Here’s a video and sneak peek of  Joy Cho’s party collection. So adorable!

4. Peek Calendar

I haven’t been a fan of the iPhone iOS 7 calendar ever since first installing it. It lost quite a lot of features that I loved, even though it added quite a few! So I was definitely smitten when I saw this new calendar app called Peek Calendar on swiss miss.

5. DIY Concrete Countertops

How amazing are these concrete counters?! I seriously love them! Cost effective and super duraple! Should I add more exclamations to emphasize how much I love them??! See more on A Beautiful Mess.

Evernotes Every Friday, An Etsy Christmas Edition

Andy and I have a very distinct set of Christmas decorations… which made it hard the first year or so to get decorations that we liked, but every year it gets easier. Even Hobby Lobby had a whole aisle that was all about rustic woodsy Christmas decor. I was in love… but this week I took to Etsy to compile a list of the perfect Christmas decorations!

1. NOEL Letters

Decorating the mantel is always a favorite of mine… I pinned something similar to this last year, but I love it all the more this year!! We love the rustic Christmas look! And for only $35, this is a great deal! Head on over to The Lettered Lane for more options.


2. Personalized Hessian Sack Stocking

Oh I just LOVE this stocking! Of course its from the United Kingdom, so I kept searching and found one I love just as much from Giddy Up Gift. Needless to say, a burlap stocking is what my heart desires this year!

Silver Bobbin stocking

3. Reclaimed Wood Tree

Now we need a tree… I love these reclaimed wood trees! There’s quite a variety of them as well, including ones using drift wood, but I love how this one has the variety of knobs, keys and pulls.

reclaimed wood tree

4. Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

We try to keep our ornaments limited in colors to red, silver, gold, plus any rustic wood and whites… so this set of 3 ceramic discs would be perfect to go with our current ornaments! And of course, you know I love the stamped type! These ornaments were a close second though: twine wrapped heart and antique paper balls.


5. Advent Calendar

And last but not least, we need an Advent Calendar…. I love how these boxes are designed with a variety of type with a limited color scheme. Its just gorgeous… (The backing is sold separate here.)

advent calendar