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Sam Allen Creates

After years of encouragement from family and friends I opened an Etsy shop and called it Your New Friend Sam.

Which is totally a cute name, don’t you think?

And totally appropriate for Etsy and my pre-made invitations and hand lettered stamp designs.

But… that’s not me on the whole. That’s just one aspect that makes me tick.

I love my shop, LOVE IT… but I also wanted there to be wiggle room for the freelance design jobs I take on now.

At the same time, my experience in photography has been growing. Little by little, shoot by shoot, I have learned the art and am getting more comfortable behind the lens.

All the while, people keep asking for my business card. And you see, I didn’t have any. As I don’t have a logo, or a name, to put on a card. A name that could carry both design; of invites, stamps, and even branding; but also photography.

But I think I may have found a name, an identity I can stand behind in this crafting world but also a name that I can stand behind later in life too.

So please, say hello, to Sam Allen Creates.

Sam Allen Creates… invitations, stamps, DIYs, portraits, and whatever else I may dream up. It’s open ended to allow creativity to endlessly run without limits and boundaries.

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