After studying and working professionally as a graphic designer, I now run an Etsy shop full time. It combines all my favorite passions… design, lettering, and photography. I also take on side projects for logo and web development along with photographing families and couples. I keep myself busy, always crafting and creating and I love it!

With an ever growing portfolio of side projects stemming from church events, weddings,  bridal and baby showers—I gave in and finally made myself a shop on Etsy. It was about time, that’s for sure! You can find my shop here: Your New Friend Sam: specialized in custom lettering, designer invitations and personalized handwritten rubber stamps. Read more about my shop here.

I LOVE my shop but I am so much more than that… so here at Sam Allen Creates you’ll see a little bit of everything…  invitations, stamps, DIYs, portraits, with a splash of Disney and whatever else I may dream up. It’s open ended to allow creativity to endlessly run without limits and boundaries.

Follow me: instagram.com/samallencreates

Friend me: facebook.com/mrs.samantha.allen

Follow me: @samallencreates

Or you can contact me via the form below:

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Khalid Mansoor says:

    Hello Sam! My name is Khalid. I am a hobbyist photographer- my wife runs a designer clothing line. You can find it on Facebook – it’s called Flaunteen Collection. We are currently looking for a model who can don some of our creations. I live in Irvine, CA. I came across pictures of Rachel Johnson on your beautiful blog …. do you think you can send me her contact information? I’d like to schedule a modeling gig with her. Please please please. Thanks.

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