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25+ Bridesmaid Box Ideas

I don’t know about you, but when I first got engaged, my step one was to propose to my bridesmaids. While I didn’t do anything fancy, I’m loving the trend of creating personalized gift boxes to invite your bridesmaids into your bridal party.

But what is a bridesmaid box exactly? And what goes in it? A bridesmaid box is basically just a sweet and personalized way to ask your closest friends or family members to be in your wedding.

First up, you need something to put your items in… something like a box (pictured above is a paper box from Michael’s) or a bag, like a tote bag shown below.

Next, you need a way to ask your bridesmaid the most important question… and the whole point of the box: will you be my bridesmaid?!

I am very biased here, but a card created just for them is one of the best ways to propose. While I have quite a few options in my Etsy shop, some more personalized than others, I do love the ones that allow for the bride to write a sweet and heartfelt message inside like this one. But you can be more personalized with a deluxe card that even includes a handpainted signature.

Once you have your card in place, it’s time to fill the box with some fun goodies… here’s a great list of ideas to start with, for a range of budgets:

  • Travel jewelry case
  • makeup bag
  • framed photo of the two of you
  • mini plants/succulents
  • nail polish
  • face mask
  • bath bombs
  • mini wine or champagne bottles
  • bottle opener
  • mani/pedi tool sets
  • birthstone bracelet or necklace
  • sweet treats (i.e. chocolates) or snacks
  • loofah
  • candle
  • bar soap
  • personalized mug or stemless glass
  • static guard
  • mints
  • energy drinks
  • fuzzy socks
  • spa stuff (i.e. lotion)
  • hand sanitizer
  • hair ties
  • pajama set
  • compact mirror

On items that your girls can use for years, like a wine glass or make up bag, if personalizing your items, sometimes having a name instead of their bridal party role (i.e. bridesmaid) is best so the item will live on well after the wedding.

Most importantly, put lots of love into your boxes as the gesture and thought behind them will mean more than anything else.

Have any other ideas on what to include in the boxes? Please leave a comment, I’d love to grow my list for future brides!

Photo by Stephanie Weber

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