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Eight Month Old Isaiah


For some reason, 8 months feels SO MUCH closer to a year old. I’ve started to really be able to picture you as a toddler, but then you do something that reminds me you really are still a baby (i.e. like bonk yourself in the head for lack of hand/eye coordination) and I must really cherish these last few moments that are ever so fleeting.


People say you look just like your daddy, but I see so much of me in you too. Your Godmama says she can hear me in your excited squeals but then I hear your grumpy stares remind them of your daddy. You’re quite the mix of us both and I love that.


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Valentine Photos by Jessica Rose Lifestyle Photography

Since this month’s recap image above focuses on things you love… I thought I’d share what I love about you right now!!

  • I love those special smiles that just I get, those Mommy smiles. I waited a long time to get those special Mommy only smiles and I relish each and every one.
  • I love how you play with my hair after you’re done nursing. I know these moments just between us are nearing the end and I am trying to cherish them all.
  • I love how you can sit (with amazing posture) and play with your toys on your own but if you’re in our arms, you just can’t sit still…
  • and you must look at and examine everything.
  • You love touching everything but with your still new coordination skills, you just end scratching all the textures with your chubby little fingers. From the feel of the wall, the corduroy of a recliner, to the skin on our faces… you explore it all.
  • I love how you greet people with your big gummy smiles. And how saying “Hi Isaiah!” has always been the best way to get you to smile. (I think “hi” will be your first word.)
  • I love how excited you get about everything. From kicking your legs to scrunching up your face and flailing your arms about, your excitement and happiness is so contagious. This type of reaction is almost a guarantee when you’re in your “happy place:” under the ceiling fan and laying on your furry blanket of all places!
  • I love how when you are examining everything, your cheeks puff out even more while you’re looking down.
  • I love how, when you get out of your swaddle wrap, you give me the BIGGEST smile and happy kicks when I come in to rewrap you. And then promptly fall asleep moments later.
  • All that to say, most of these moments are within the walls of our home. Once we adventure out and are around others, you become our silent observer, taking everything in with a calm and serious demeanor. But I sure do love that side of you, because then you actually let me just sit with you without you trying to jump out of my arms and scamper about.

There are so many more things I could list, but I’ll call that good… for now…


I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!


  • February 23, 2017


    These times are passing so quickly. This little chunker provides so much happiness for his little entourage. One little gummy smile… the world is his oyster!!

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