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May 2016

I had the longest list ever of things I looked forward to doing while pregnant. Many of those came and went as I mentioned in my last blog post, but taking maternity photos was top priority. So thankfully I LOVE THEM! And a big thank you to Janet, of Janet Rayne Photography, for her patience on my unrelenting demand for the golden hour light—as you can see, she definitely delivered on that.  

So apparently getting pregnant meant abandoning my blog! I always thought I'd be one of those adorably put together pregnant mamas that took gorgeous weekly photo updates that incorporate the baby size fruit of the week with glowing light and compositions. Or that I wouldn't bail on all other aspects of life except the things that *have to* be done everyday. But I am so not. I didn't start taking weekly photos until halfway through the pregnancy. I am over 2 months (or is it 3 now?) behind in my pregnancy devotional and even further behind in my pregnancy journal. I get my shop orders done and anything outside of that for friends and family takes me forever and a day and absolutely nothing personal has been worked on like my daily lettering or THIS BLOG. Oh and the house basically became a disaster of clutter (I literally just finished unpacking from our big trip last fall this past month!). Oh and the bills that I have missed paying (multiple times) and the other random mail that I keep finding from December and January