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My Favorite Agendas and Planners for 2016

I wouldn’t be me without my list of things to do. No really, if you work with me often (ahem, Jess), you know that if I say your project is on my list, you know I’m committed and I’ll get it done by the deadline.

Nerd Alert: You may want to stop reading this now before the real girl-geek side of me is shown in full force…

Okay… you’ve been warned.

Thanks for staying with me! So in Junior College, I loved those $1 pocket calendars and would highlight the heck out of it. I would also make these cheesy Photoshop collages for each one full of photos of all my friends. Then when I went to the state college, I moved up to a big agenda and loved writing all my assignments in it. Like I would be excited to get homework just to be able to write it down. Maybe that should have been my first clue that lettering would be in my future…?

Once I started working from home, I really liked the weekly desk pads where I could keep a giant list of tasks to complete, and then those tasks broken down by day while also planning ahead with blog posts.

It seems like yesterday—no seriously—that I was shopping for a planner for 2015. But I shopped in December, which seems like the perfect time for planner buying, but so many of my favorites were sold out! So I started early this year, too early for some though.

These first two are my favorites and I have links for the rest that I was looking at too. These are some of life’s toughest decisions so it’s nice to have choices 😉


Laurel Denise | 2015 on sale for $18

THIS is the planner I was searching for last year but could not figure out where I had seen it. I finally found it though, just days after purchasing another one. Epic sad fail.

It doesn’t look like the 2016 planner is available yet but for now, I’m planning ahead on how I want to fill this baby up! I love how it has mini pages for the weeks while keeping the month and notes open as well.

2015 Planner on Sale here.

laurel denise cover laurel denise calendar_detail4


Poketo: Mon Cahier Planner Medium | $32

This is another favorite of mine. I love the size (though it does come in large)! Since the first thing I look for in planners are their weekly views, this one is totally perfect! I can keep my running list for the whole week plus break it down by day.

Link to purchase.

Poketo- Mon Cahier Planner Medium

Poketo- Mon Cahier Planner Medium inside


Craftspore | $49

Just last week, I discovered this planner that was designed for “hustlers, makers and creative business owners.” Um, hey, that’s me! ::raising hand emoji::

I love how it has the marketing calendar and budgets for the months… very cool! The only drawback, for me, is that the week view doesn’t have a separate to do’s or list area. Otherwise, this is beyond amazing and perfect.

2016 available for preorder here.

craftsposure-2016-diary marketing-calendar-craftsposure-2016-diary


Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner | $58

Such a gorgeous planner. I’ve been following Emily Ley for sometime now and love her asethetic. Unfortunately, this planner is just too intense for me. I don’t need something so detailed, plus I am not the one that is cooking dinner in our household. If I did, and I had more specific appointments each day, then this would definitely be the planner for me! BONUS, they even have an app. That is a huge selling point. HUGE!

Link to purchase.

Emily Ley's Simplified Planner cover

Emily Ley's Simplified Planner


Day Designer | $59

This is another perfect planner for those who have totally jam packed days. Each day has a running to do list along with a schedule, top to-do’s, notes and a “daily gratitude” area. There are printables available and a test page as well to try it out!

Link to purchase.

day designer cover


Get to Work Book | $55

This is one of my faves! It’s a more expensive one, but it has more to it than just a planner as it’s more goal and task oriented with additional lists to break those down. There’s even a video tour of the book. It’s pretty amazing.

Link to purchase here.

get to work book get to work book inside


Kate Spade Medium and large Agendas | $30–36

The Kate Spade website doesn’t give too much detail on these planners, so I really liked this article from Love Charmaine that shows a lot of the inner spreads. I do love how there’s a pocket on the inside and the quotes at the start of each month.

Link to purchase.

kate spade agenda

kate spade agenda inside


A Beautiful Mess Planners | $35

These just went on pre-sale! They sold out by Christmas last year so you better get on it if this is the one for you!

Link to purchase.

beautiful mess agendas beautiful mess agendas inside


Rifle Paper Co. Planner | $34

Everything Anna Bond touches becomes so beautifully painted, it’s like magic! Starting in August of this year until December of next year, which means its good NOW, this is one beautifully designed planner.

Link to purchase here.

Rifle Paper Co Planner Rifle Paper Co Planner inside


Erin Condren Deskpad

If it comes down to it, this is truly what I am looking—even though it’s too big for my already overflowing desk. An emphasis on the overall list for the week with day by day list as a minority. Plus it’s personalized so that’s always fun!

erin condren deskpad

Thanks for taking a glimpse into my OCD attempt at staying organized! Would love to know what your favorite planner is and if there’s any I missed on my list! Let’s chat, leave a comment below!


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