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Miss Amelia’s First Year in Photos

Amelia's First Year in Photos, Sam Allen Creates

I’ve never had the chance to document the “every 3 months” photos before… getting the opportunity to capture little Mia from behind my camera is just pure joy. While editing all her birthday photos, posted yesterday, I just kept getting so  emotional—and so thankful! Not only do we have every 3 month moments, we had so many more in between. I am so blessed to get to do what I do. To watch these little ones grow from behind my camera… seeing their little sleepy smiles grow to goofy toothy grins. Oh I just love them all.

Miss Mia, I can not even describe how much love I have for you. From being there on the day you were born, meeting you just minutes after you came into this world… to just a couple weeks ago when you walked right into my arms with that giant dimple toothy grin. Oh my heart wants to burst.

How much can my heart grow with love for you. From the day you were born, I’ve loved every moment I have ever gotten to spend with you.

xoxo Auntie Sam, aka your personal paparazzi photographer

Sam and Amelia at Disneyland May 2014

To see Amelia’s life through my lens:

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