A Johnson Family Christmas, Menifee


Oh this family… the Johnson family has always had a special place in my heart. But this year my love for that family grew by the size of one very cute and chubby baby!I know you have probably grown to love little Mia too since she’s a regular star here on this blog.

So let me show you this year’s Johnson Family Christmas photos (yeah Christmas, sorry February, I am a little behind).

johnson-family-DSC_0964 johnson-family-DSC_0989-rachel-and-amelia johnson-family-DSC_0019-michael johnson-family-DSC_0023-michael johnson-family-DSC_0082 johnson-family-DSC_0145-kim johnson-family-DSC_0114 johnson-family-DSC_0192 copy johnson-family-DSC_0299-sarah johnson-family-DSC_0314-sarah johnson-family-DSC_0237

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