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Northeast Trip: New York City in 2 1/2 Days, Part 2


After seeing just how big this New York recap had become I just had to break it into 2 parts!!

For Part 1, click here.

Chelsea Market

The next day, we took full advantage of the NY subway system… for only $2.50 each trip, we sure got around the majority of Manhattan! Starting out at Chelsea Market, where the Food Network is based and the place Andy and my mom were most looking forward to, we had fun stopping in all the random shops and eateries. Feasting on macrons, donuts, a faux-Cronut, salami, coffee, and more! It was a really neat place, the architecture alone was fun to explore. It felt like we were part of a piece of industrial style art the whole time.


I just loved all the custom chalk work in so many of the shops!

new-york-city-vacation-trip-chelsea-market_0344_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-chelsea-market_0348_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-chelsea-market_0356_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-chelsea-market_0360_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-chelsea-market_0367_2

I just adored this 3D map of the market, made in a variety of materials.


Katz’s Delicatessen

After eating this and that, we then took the subway over to Katz’ Deli in Midtown to have our official lunch. It was some what out of the way, so unless you would truly appreciate pastrami at its finest and for $16 a sandwich, I’d pass. But for us foodies, we just had to go! It was quite the ordeal though, they have a pretty unique system of ordering and you don’t pay until you are walking out the door.

You may recognize this famous deli as the location for scenes in When Harry Met Sally to Enchanted.

new-york-city-vacation-trip-katzs-deli_0386_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-katzs-deli_0387_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-katzs-deli_0388_2


9/11 Memorial

From there we took the subway further south to the World Trade Center… last time we were there, Ground Zero was just a big hole in the ground, but in the last 8 years they’ve built a memorial, museum, and still under construction new World Trade Center buildings.

When you arrive, you have to check in to the Visitor’s Center to get a [free] admission pass. This sets an appointed time for you to actually get in to the memorial.

The memorial, opened in 2011, is pretty large with two large waterfalls that stand where the original WTC buildings were. The massive size of the waterfalls in the midst of the city are pretty moving espcially as they each drop into a center void… there are also hundreds of trees that really encourage you to stay and reflect.

new-york-city-vacation-trip-911-memorial_0403_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-911-memorial_0401_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-911-memorial_0418_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-911-memorial_0415_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-911-memorial_0407_2

Here, Andy and I are standing in front of the Survivor Tree. The pear tree was built in the 7-s and although it was damaged, it survived the terrorist attacks and after it was nursed back to health it was brought back to the site in 2010.


Washington Square Park and the “Friends” Building

Here is where my Friends was based in New York City fan girl side erupted… we stopped by Washington Square Park—just because its shown sometimes during the show—and then we walked through Greenwich Village—just because that’s where Rachel and Monica’s apartment was based on. And it was seriously worth it. Right, family??

Luckily, we had planned to eat in Greenwich Village so it really wasn’t that far out of the way (until we decided to eat at the same restaurant but at its Times Square location).

new-york-city-vacation-trip-washington-square-park_0438_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-friends-building-grove-bedford-0442_2 new-york-city-vacation-trip-friends-building-grove-bedford-sized

Either way, I can now say I have been to the corner of Bedford and Grove.

Dinner at Jekyll and Hyde, Times Square

We ended our night and our trip in NYC at Jekyll and Hyde, a restaurant recommended by a friend. The Greenwich location was totally dead when we went (it was fairly early at 5 pm)—so that’s why we decided to go to Times Square. Plus my parents had theater tickets to Once.

It was quite the theatrical experience though, the restaurant was huge and there was so much to see. Just one example: the bathroom had a hidden door—no really, it was so hidden that the few times we were by it, people just stared at the wall trying to figure out how that was indeed the bathroom entrance. There was constant live entertainment as well and all throughout the multi storied restaurant—from a Frankenstein like show to the “Rainforest Cafe-like” decorations are coming to life moments.


Whew, that was a long recap. I didn’t leave anything out just for the traveler who comes across this post hoping for some guidance on their own trip! Another tip I would recommend is to get a paper map of the city, I drew all over mine plotting out where to go and that made this visual learner see what to do on which day. Plus, I would get an iPhone. No seriously, I can’t imagine how we would have gotten around without one! We input where we were and where we wanted to go and it gave us all the subways we needed to get to and from. So amazing and so so helpful! Thanks Apple!

A few places I hope to go to next time would be some of the museums and the NY Public Library. Also, to spend a day in Brooklyn!

The end… of this city. Next up, our day trip to Philadelphia!

P.S. Here’s our video of the trip that I shared in the Boston trip, with the NYC portion starting at about 52 seconds.

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  • January 9, 2014


    Thank you so much for your tips!!! Your blog helped me out a lot. 🙂

    • January 9, 2014


      Oh I’m so glad! It’s always fun posting about trips but it’s even better when it can help others figure out these big cities!

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