Kathleen’s Bachelorette Weekend Away, Bachelorette Parties Our Way


To say that I love my friends would be an understatement. What I truly mean is that having a solid group of Christian girls means that our friendship goes deeper, more like sisters. Being a Christian means that your fellow Christian friends can be so so very different from each other in personality, likes, and dislikes but our foundation is on Christ and that alone can unite us as better than friends.

And this very special group of girls and I have transformed the normal “bachelorette party” from a night on the town to a weekend away celebrating the bride to be in all the things she likes to do. It usually means planning a weekend in a city an hour-ish away, going on mini adventures centered around what that special girl would want to do on a dream weekend.

For our friend Kathleen, that meant coffee, craft shows, and good food. And while Kathleen and my styles can be polar opposites, that weekend sounded like it was planned for me too. Aaaalll that to say, I was quite excited for our girls weekend!

Here’s just a few photos of the bride celebrating the weekend away with her girlfriends with just one week to go to the BIG day!

First up we stopped by Intelligentsia, one of Kathleen’s favorite coffee shops. After having gone there twice already, I was so excited to finally be there with her.

kathleens-bachelorette-intelligentsia-los-angeles-coffee_0001 kathleens-bachelorette-intelligentsia-los-angeles-coffee_0002

Next up on the list was shopping at the Renegade Craft Fair (I blogged a poster DKNG designed for their San Fran fair last summer!), a show Kathleen and I have tried to make it to a few times over the years. We were pumped to be there. Yes, pumped.


Dinner was held at a hip little restaurant in Santa Ana… where we filled up on *garlic* truffle fries and shrimp cajun pasta.


Then the next day we started off again with coffee and *amazing* donuts in Newport at Sidecar.

kathleens-bachelorette-sidecar-doughnuts-coffee_0011 kathleens-bachelorette-sidecar-doughnuts-coffee_0013 kathleens-bachelorette-sidecar-doughnuts-coffee

And ended the trip with shopping in Downtown Fullerton, from antique shops to The Buffalo Exchange to the amazing Oh Hello Friend shop.

oh-hello-friend-downtown-fullerton-shop oh-hello-friend-downtown-fullerton-shop_0031

After looking back at all these photos, Kathleen, I must apologize for my apparent papparazzi like photo taking… but girl you are beautiful and I cannot wait to see you walking down the aisle in just five days time!

4 thoughts on “Kathleen’s Bachelorette Weekend Away, Bachelorette Parties Our Way

  1. Kathleen Angelone (Soon to be Wheeler) says:

    Man, oh man! This was such a dreamy weekend! I am so happy you were the paparazzi you said you were because after seeing these photos I want to go back and relive it again! Thanks for being so excited the whole time. It was so wonderful this weekend, wasn’t it? I love you Sam!

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