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Kristie, College Senior at San Marcos, Portraits in Menifee Fields

Do you have those people in your life who feel as though they have always been a part of your life? Where you can never remember a time that you didn’t know them.

That’s how I feel about the Thompson family… and if you happen to know them, you’re one of the lucky ones.

You all probably feel like you know one of them though—my best friend, Amie—since she’s been shown on my blog so much, but let me formally introduce you to one of her younger sisters, Kristie.

Kristie is like another kid sister to me. She’s just always been around, at times as another annoying sister just wanting to tag along, who just wouldn’t leave us alone but now—and better known on the blog—as another friend and bridesmaid who gets to share this wonderful year with me. Come November, I am honored to get to stand beside her as her sister gets married.

And I am honored that Kristie asked me to take her senior photos as she graduates from Cal State San Marcos and is about to embark on the adventure that is the rest of her life.

We spent an afternoon on a rare cold, cloudy and windy day in southern California, scampering about in the dirt, the trees, and the purple flower filled fields in my little town of Menifee.












These last two are my favorites of the day, it truly captured our afternoon together, wind blown hair and all. 🙂


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