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Another Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ

As the craziness of last year started to wind down, new pregnancies were announced, two amazing friends are now engaged and Andy set the competition schedule for the year. I don’t think life is ever going to slow down but to cherish all these moments, I want to keep posting about them here just for my own personal enjoyment and reflection on this amazing life God has given me and all the people who I get to share it with. On to Another Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ…


I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about continue the baby posts—either keep posting the 2012 babes or start over with the 2013 newborns… either way I can’t not continue to show the adorableness that are my nephews and nieces in this ever growing group of friends. And who knows, there may be new pregnancies that are announced any day (not by me, sorry)… As of now I am just going to post about any babies I happen to see—Oh, I know you’re looking forward to the cuteness!!


This little guy celebrated his first birthday. My favorite moment with him is when I held him a mere two hours after he was born but second favorite moment would have to be when I was holding him at his birthday party and he was singing and dancing to the music. Knowing his parents, this kid is just going to be the coolest and slickest dancer ever.




“Little” Owen, also known affectionately as “Chunk,” is just as adorable as ever. I just love his gummy little grins. Plus he has my hubby wrapped around his little chubby fingers. I am pretty sure if it weren’t for Owen that I may not have been able to convince Andy to get a Disneyland pass this year. 🙂 Here’s a photo from this past weekend’s trip to Disneyland and our first trip with Owen in tow! As we were walking around the park I started thinking back on the many many trips we have taken with Joey and Jamie, as friends then as double dates then as newlyweds, and then first with Eli and now with Owen—love these blessed changes!




This girl is the fastest wedding planner ever. Not even joking, she basically has her whole wedding planned and just gets to sit back and enjoy the next 8 months to the wedding. Of course there will be plenty of craft nights and parties to plan along the way, but so far she has taken care of the venue, her dress, the photographer, a videographer, the florist—same one I had (yay!), the Wobble dancing DJ, planned and was honored at an engagement party, met with photo booth and honeymoon vendors at a bridal expo… and I am sure there are more items to add to this list too but I think you get the idea. 🙂



After the News Years competition, our January was pretty slow for BBQ. The boys did get together to film another submission for BBQ Pitmasters though. I loved how their film came out these year! Too bad they didn’t get picked though. 🙁 Andy also took part in an episode for a new food related show that will be aired later this year. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Shorty’s Rib Fest, Cathedral City

Also this past weekend we competed and vended at Shorty’s Rib Fest in Cathedral City, California. You can read more about that craziness on the Rooftop BBQ blog.

This photo is taken from the end of our line! Yes, all those people are waiting for us to serve them BBQ pork ribs!

Green Mountain Grills Pitmaster BBQ Sauce

Last week I alluded to a coming announcement about Rooftop BBQ Sauce. Andy announced just yesterday on the Whiskey Bent Radio Show that team’s long time sponsor, Green Mountain Grills, is producing the Rooftop BBQ sauce; repackaged, rebranded and with an improved formula: Pitmaster BBQ Sauce.

Starting next week it will be shipping out nationwide to all GMG stores and beyond. While the team will still be selling the sauce at their events, GMG will be the sole distributor and they will be making it much more available and at a more inexpensive price at $5.99 a bottle. It has also been repackaged in a plastic bottle with a new label and has been thinned out with the addition of apple juice.

cover-photo-pitmaster sauce

Everyone we talk to seems to have an opinion on Andy’s decision to do this, but as I may be the only one who truly knows how much Andy works while running a side business—or two— in addition to a full time job. He never stops. Now, taking and shipping sauce orders has been lifted off his shoulders and he can focus on what he truly loves: cooking amazing barbeque.

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