A Moment: Girlfriends

Thank you so much Ebony for taking the above photo of us girls at Jess’ baby shower last weekend! I asked Jess to send it to me and when she did I just couldn’t stop looking at it and thinking about this moment in our lives. These are the moments that make life so complete. While surrounded by friends and celebrating these new babies about to be born, I just can’t help but feel like I am about to burst with excitement! I just look at this picture and think that this is a moment frozen in time, a moment before Jess becomes a mom and the new life of motherhood truly begins. A moment before Eli becomes a big brother and Jamie is a mother of two. ((Not sure if I have said this enough, I just can’t wait to meet baby Owen and baby Grayson!)) Plus, this is a moment before Lauren becomes a Mrs. and Caitlin becomes a college graduate! This is the type of photo that we’ll look back on when we’re older and say “Remember when…”

P.S. I just reread the above paragraph and I am not totally sure it makes sense, like I said, this excitement is just overflowing and I can’t think straight let alone type straight!

4 thoughts on “A Moment: Girlfriends

  1. jrose says:

    Your paragraph totally makes sense and I love everything about it! This will be such an exciting year for all of us!

    Now if we could just get you on the baby wagon.. we’d be set!!

  2. Lauren says:

    I understand as well, cause i feel the same way, i cant wait for all these wonderful things to happen!! and also we hope kat gets a ring this year 😉 haha!!! also ditto to what jess said about you getting on the baby wagon!!!!!

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