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The Detailed Process of Design: Ty Mattson’s Dexter Season 5 Screen Print

This is, what, my third post on designer Ty Mattson… but his work is truly amazing and the process he reveals after a project is concise in its accuracy. He just released the latest screen print for Dexter season 5 and gave his blog readers a glimpse into the process including a really awesome video. He actually recorded his computer screen as he illustrated and laid out the entire piece. The time he spent on each and every detail, stroke, and texture is a thrill to witness. Here’s a few images of the design, including the video, but please visit his actual site to see more of the project and the past ones as well.

Dexter Season 5 Sketch

Dexter Season 5 Print

Dexter Poster Time-Lapse from Mattson Creative on Vimeo.

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