Daddy’s Chair

Does your dad have that very special chair that everyone knows is HIS chair and if he walks into the room that chair must be vacated for his sitting pleasure? My dad for sure did. That chair has seen many football games and parties, many naps and many lap shares with his little girls to watch a Disney movie.

Andy and I have been looking for “his chair” for several years now and a few weeks ago he finally found his “perfect” chair. After a few weeks of discussing whether or not to get it, I decided to get it for our anniversary for him, plus the third anniversary’s traditional gift is leather, could that BE any more perfect? Annnnd plus my parents pitched in as an early birthday present! They even came down to Sam’s Club just to get a preview of it, so my two favorite guys got to make sure the chair worked….

napping chairs

And now Andy has his very own chair to watch football games and fall asleep in, but no worries, it’s not a Daddy’s Chair yet, just a Man Chair!

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