Your New Friend Sam, Etsy Shop: Wedding Vows Typography Art Printables and Prints

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Whimsical Handwritten Wedding Vows Kraft paper 767

Earlier this year, just over 6 months ago actually, I posted about a new product I had added to my shop.

You see, I thought I invented these things… making art with your wedding vows. In my head, the biggest challenge of getting this product sold would be just to raise awareness and make it “a thing.” But you see, thanks to Etsy, wedding vow art is very much a thing and  passing that hurdle was a breeze.

Now, after over 60 designs and sales, I thought it was time to share some of the photos of some of my favorite pieces.

These are probably my favorite products in my shop, what an honor it is to be given the task to create art with words that are held so near and dear to a couple’s heart. And whether it’s with song lyrics, or wedding vows, the words are always so beautiful… and even sometimes funny. It’s a treasure to be able to have such an intimate glimpse into these almost stranger’s lives.

And just recently, after developing a few clear lettering styles, I broke the listing down into 3, and then 4 lettering styles…

Smiling is My Favorite

A fun and bubbly script…

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Smiling Bubbly Handwritten Wedding Vows 444 Your New Friend Sam Etsy Smiling Bubbly Handwritten Wedding Vows B&E 231 Your New Friend Sam Etsy Smiling Bubbly Handwritten Wedding Vows Daniel Katie 437

Why, yes, this next one is in German!! So fun!

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Smiling Bubbly Handwritten Wedding Vows Jennifer Nikolaj German 550 Your New Friend Sam Etsy Smiling Bubbly Handwritten Wedding Vows Peter Angela 449

Footloose and Fancy Free

A classic script…

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Footloose Handwritten Wedding Vows 116 Your New Friend Sam Etsy Footloose Handwritten Wedding Vows 124 Your New Friend Sam Etsy Footloose Handwritten Wedding Vows 126 Your New Friend Sam Etsy Footloose Handwritten Wedding Vows 833

And even though most want the classic black text on a white background, sometimes we get creative… one idea is white text on black chalkboard.

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Footloose Handwritten Wedding Vows 843

A Little Bit of Whimsy

With an uneven baseline, these handcrafted words are whimsical and feminine.

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Whimsical Handwritten Wedding Vows Alyce Scott 439  Your New Friend Sam Etsy Whimsical Handwritten Wedding Vows Andy Cara 455

With Thanksgiving

Another style with an uneven baseline, but a little bit less whimsy. This one is new to the shop, and its definitely my new favorite. The style first came to be after writing a ton of “thanks” gift tags, I liked this new style so much, so I just had to try it out on a few vow prints with some willing customers!

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Whimsical Handwritten Wedding Vows Nate and Kate 106

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Whimsical Handwritten Wedding Vows Chris Chirsty 121

Hand Lettered Originals

By request, I’ve added original prints as well, without the crutch of editing the final design digitally, these are always a challenge to get right and perfect but I always love them… the look and fill of the imperfections of pen to paper.

your new friend sam handwritten vows DSC_6054 your new friend sam vows print 052

And this is totally brand new, just a couple weeks old, and by my own request to fill a frame in my house, white ink on gritty Kraft wrapping paper! And then right after that, created a black inked print on Kraft cardstock for a friend.

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Whimsical Handwritten Wedding Vows Kraft paper 776

Your New Friend Sam Handwritten Vows Kraft Print 972 Your New Friend Sam Handwritten Vows Kraft Print 977

But of course, I still create the original, all digital typography prints too!

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Typography Wedding Vows 81 Your New Friend Sam Etsy Typography Wedding Vows 426your new friend sam wedding vows printable dr pruz DSC_0599

Client Photos

I really do have the best clients, especially when they send me photos of their prints hung up or on display in their homes!! What an honor!!

With all that to say, these sure do make great gifts. Most of the above are created by the bride for themselves as a momento from the wedding… but quite a few are purchased as anniversary presents to the spouse, or even as a day of the wedding gift! And one was created the week after the wedding, as a wedding present based on the best man’s speech! I thought that was pretty brilliant and may be stealing that idea some day soon.

I’m hoping to one day make more book quotes or bible verse prints… and even prints for baby nurseries! I think that would all be so fun!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this extra peek behind the scenes at some of my favorite pieces, after all, Etsy only allows for 5 photos! What else am I supposed to do with the rest!

Custom Lettering and Design for Amie’s Shabby Chic Vintage DIY Wedding

Harvard Photography

Just a month after the wedding, I posted an in depth recap of that glorious day, when my best friend married the man of her dreams under the trees, amongst the hills of Temecula Valley.

While this post shares my best friend’s wedding on a whole, I wanted to share a few photos of the behind the scenes of parts I got to work on!

To make it to that gorgeous day though, a lot of craft nights (and mornings, and days, and weekends) had to happen. Because she loves me, or my writing I should say, I got to hand letter on just about everything! From the invitations to the cake topper… my little hands were busy!

Of course, as a matron of honor, I had many other duties from planning the bridal shower (link), the bachelorette party, and of course on the day of, I had to give a speech. But all in all, my main duty was just helping the bride along the way. Facebook Chat was our go to means of communication. Almost daily, messages were exchanged with links and “so what do you think about this and that’s?”

I just wanted to take a moment to go over some of the crafts and projects we worked on together. It’s a big thanks to Amie Belle and her encouraging me on these projects that pushed me in my passion for hand lettering which launched my Etsy shop to where it is today.

So in a way, this is a giant portfolio update for me—a way to say “hey, I can write that for you!”—and also a way to share ways you can DIY your own wedding day!

If you have any questions, give me a shout out in the comments and I will get it answered!

The Invitations: Save the Dates, Rehearsal and the Wedding

Let’s start with the invitations! I posted about the Save the Dates last March! And here is the very first rubber stamps that launched over 100 more! Kinda crazy to look back on that actually. Who knew?!

save the date kraft stamp_0369

After the Save the Dates, Amie and I worked on her wedding invitations. But of course, before the wedding, comes the rehearsal! I just adore how these came out… all Amie asked for was a “type” look. Which is a favorite of mine so I was happy to oblige! These are actually for sale in my Etsy shop too!


For the wedding invitations, Amie wanted something “simple.” So we kept the invite itself pretty simple and then hand punched (using this Martha Stewart paper punch) the bottom of each card. Then glued those cream pages (from Staples) to a piece of Kraft paper (from Michaels). We also designed maps and a RSVP postcard (postcards printed at All the pieces were then tied together with lace and twine and we added 3 Kraft hang tags (Recollections tag punch from Michaels) that read “You’re Invited” along with a verse from the book of 1 John. The invite was then mailed out in a charcoal grey envelope addressed with a large sticker label and the return address was rubber stamped.

wedding invitation assembly


wedding invitation with lace and kraft tags

For the day of, we did quite a variety of projects. Not really sure where to start…

Let’s start with the directional and other fun wood signs!

Hand Painted Wood Signs

The benefit of hand lettering everything, starting with the STDs, was that everything matched seamlessly and we didn’t have to depend on stencils or trying to figure out how to get certain fonts painted on to wood. We did however create stencils for the serif font seen below… but those were easy since the lines are mostly all straight. We just printed out the words at size, cut the inside of the letter out and voila! Home made stencils!

This first photo is Matt and I working on the LOVE sign and cutting out stencils along with a bunch of the completed wooden signs at my house.

wedding wood signs DIY

Harvard Photography

Harvard Photography

Harvard Photography

Harvard Photography

For the cake topper, from Morgann Hill Designs, we just used a purple Sharpie paint pen. Easy peasy.

Harvard Photography

For this LOVE sign we followed the tutorial on Shanty to Chic—except we created stencils of our serif font to match the rest of the wedding materials. Side note, tonight we are making more of these but with more custom designs! I can not wait to have one of my own!

Harvard Photography love wooden sign

Harvard Photography ring box

Hand Lettered Escort Name Tags

We also hand lettered the escort tags… to save time we ordered these tags on eBay and then used these Micron pens in sepia along with some rubber stamps for the table number.

name card calligraphy

Harvard Photography

The large chalkboard was from Kirklands, and I hand lettered the sayings using this pen from Hobby Lobby. So easy, and much less messy than real chalk. I did however, prime the board with a real stick of chalk. That helped a lot—and gave it a more worn look. In the image above, you can tell that the board was primed, the image below was written straight on the board without any real chalk lather. The ink sticks more to the board in the unprimed which will make changing it much harder. So it really just depends on how you want to use them in the future.

Harvard Photography

Amie also picked up a few frames from Hobby Lobby and then created chalkboards out of them using some chalkboard spray paint.

Harvard Photography bbq chalkboard menu

Harvard Photography

wedding DIY assembly

The wedding favors were red neck wine glasses (candlestick glued to a mason jar) for the ladies, and plain mason jars for the men. Attached to each jar was a hand tag using that same Recollections punch from the invitations—and inside each jar was a personalized bookmark, with the name of the guest on top to help with the seating arrangement. These tags and bookmarks were just printed (same ream of paper from the invitations too!) and cut at home. The bookmarks were also punched at the bottom to match the invitations along with an eyelet (see above photo) to hold the twine tassel in place.

Harvard Photography rings and bookmark favor

These last paper products to show you were also just printed at home using normal stock paper that was the same cream color as the wedding cardstock.

The wedding programs: the lightweight printer paper made it easy to roll up and then tie off with some more twine.

wedding program your new friend sam

Harvard Photography

DIY wedding programs

These fun Mad Libs we created using a bunch of sayings we found online.

Harvard Photography

Harvard Photography


And the last thing I helped Amie with was completing the slideshow for the wedding… it was created using iMovie and could not have been more easy! I had never used it before and was really relieved that it truly was as easy to use as my husband kept promising it would be! 🙂 One big tip: before placing music, make sure you have all your images and transitions set up because once you have to change those, then you have to go back in and tweak and every single song.

Harvard Photography

If I can give any advice to any of you soon to be MOH’s and bridesmaids, it would be to just be an ear and a helping hand to the bride. While that seems so obvious, it’s easier said than done.

Another piece of advice: if you think a project will take one evening to complete, double or triple that! 🙂

Many of the elements above are now for sale in my Etsy shop:

Address rubber stamp. You’re invited! rubber stamp. Invitation card. Rehearsal invite. Custom Lettering. Escort tags.

Save the Date rubber stamps as seen above are coming soon—see my other Save the Date rubber stamps in the meantime.

Friday Footnotes


1. Skillshare Class: Art of Modern Calligraphy

I finally did it, friends—I enrolled in a Skillshare class! After months—seriously—of debate… I chose a calligraphy class. It seemed like something that would have the best effects over the long term, an “investment” (haha more on that in a sec.) in myself and my Etsy shop that uses tools that I for the most part own but haven’t figured out how to use yet!

The best part, and the reason why I finally bought now, is that until this evening at 11:59, all the classes are 25% off in celebration of the New Year (code NEW25)—plus you get $10 off your first class—so this big investment that I have put off for many months turned out to only be $5 which was also bought with a giftcard from Santa. Whoo hoo!

So the class—Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy—is open ended, working at your own pace—which is super fabulous since there’s no way I have time to start this class until later next month—creating a one of a kind alphabet. But until then, I will wait anxiously because I am just so gosh darn excited to get started!

2. Type Shoes

And speaking of calligraphy—how awesome are these type covered shoes? Designed by Jessica Hische, found via Mr Cup.

3. Device 6, iPhone App

Doesn’t everyone love discovering new apps? I was pretty excited to see a “best of apps” article on Design Work Life, my favorite design blog. And even more excited to find Device 6

Part novel, part interactive experience, Device 6 occupies a new space between gaming, puzzles, and books.

Now doesn’t that sound interesting?

4. Handmade Notebooks

I’ve always wanted to create handmade notebooks, but have never taken the time to do so. And after giving handmade gifts this year to many of my friends and family, this may make the perfect gift for my girlfriends next year! (Ladies, what do you think?) DIY found via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

5. Owning Original Art

Wow, did this article inspire me to go shopping for some original art pieces. I loved this line in particular:

It is my preference to have a relationship with a creative person and to live with work they’ve created.

Isn’t that true? It still amazes me how much energy and how much of my soul goes in to every project I work on, no matter how small it may be. Its time I start investing in the art around me, starting with local artists.