Meeting Baby Emily, My New York Niece

emily ann 3 weeks new york 275

See part 1 of my trip to upstate New York to visit my best friend and her new baby here.

I can’t believe I’ve already been back from New York for a week! I seriously miss it more and more each day… once you see these photos you’ll know why… we spent the week relaxing and cuddling on the couch with the new babe… going on walks downtown… taking baths of course… and then taking lots of photos to document little Emily in all her 3 weeks adorableness!

I love this little family of 3 and just couldn’t wait to go through the photos from the trip. Shockingly, there aren’t that many… Considering I was there for almost a whole week that is! But it was so nice to put the camera away and just enjoy life! Hope you enjoy this small glimpse into small town life from upstate New York where the fields are green and a little rain never hurt anybody!

emily ann 3 weeks new york 122

I’ll forever cherish these little moments when Joyce was napping and Emily and I got to snuggle up… she was a big fan of all my picture taking… 🙂

emily ann 3 weeks new york 196 emily ann 3 weeks new york 193

We spent an evening just sitting on the porch, Emily loved looking around at the trees and birds flying by. And of course I just loved how she was so gently holding on to her mama’s arms. Ugh, so sweet.

emily ann 3 weeks new york 172 emily ann 3 weeks new york 129

Seriously, check out that head of hair!!

emily ann 3 weeks new york 178

The “maiden voyage” of the stroller… walking around town with the pups.

emily ann 3 weeks new york 229 emily ann 3 weeks new york 230

More baths!

emily ann 3 weeks new york 248 emily ann 3 weeks new york 257

And of course, after bath time, I just had to take some last photos before my plane ride home.

emily ann 3 weeks new york 263 emily ann 3 weeks new york 276 emily ann 3 weeks new york 296

I was so fascinated by those gorgeous eyelashes of hers. She’s just beautiful!

emily ann 3 weeks new york 310 emily ann 3 weeks new york 300 emily ann 3 weeks new york 320 emily ann 3 weeks new york 315

And then on our way out to the airport, we just had to take a photo of us girls and one of mama and baby!

sam joyce emily new york 2014 emily ann 3 weeks joyce new york 350

Miss Emily, oh how I miss you! I’ll start sobbing if I write too much to you here… but I will sure miss seeing you growing up in person. But I am so excited to come out and see you, and of course living vicariously through photos! With parents like yours, I can only imagine the selfless, carefree, and funny Godly woman you will grow up to be.

Forever and always yours, Aunt Sam



Missing the Best of Friends and the Littlest of Friends

I just got back last night from a week long trip to upstate New York.

Whenever I tell people I’m going to New York they get really excited and recommend places in Manhattan to visit… but “my” New York isn’t in the city… you see a little piece of my heart moved back to upstate New York almost 6 years ago.

Looking back though, when I met my friend Joyce, almost 10 years ago, I had no idea what kind of monumental friendship, a best of friendship, we were about to embark on. Joyce is someone who matched me in uninhibited enthusiasm for the smallest things in life. Someone who understood me far better than most. And knowing she called New York her home, I pushed her away trying to break the friendship before it could really form. But God had other plans. While Joyce was back home in New York going to college, we grew ever closer by weekly phone calls and when she finally came back to California, our best of friends-ship truly began. But you see, Joyce is easy to get along with and she truly is adored by all who meet her. Her joyful attitude is just that contagious.

Flash forward a few years, a few moves, a few weddings… to the here and now… to where just 3 weeks ago she blessed us all further more by giving birth to little Emily Ann.

I had the pleasure to go up to this farm laden country side, where we spent this past week cuddling with the new babe on the couch and driving around town eating more ice cream I’ve had all year put together!

I had the best intentions to get a lot of creative brainstorming done while I was there, I even bought a brand new sketchbook for the trip and everything! And I had all these dreamy magical newborn photo ideas in my head… but instead it was nice to just *be.* I never once used my sketchbook, some days I didn’t even take a single photo! We just talked, and talked, and talked and just really cherished each moment with little Emily.

All that to say, I’m still a little heartbroken to be home, still a little jet-lagged—oh these darn headaches of mine—and still a little behind in life right now so even though I had big plans to post a ton of photos from my trip this week, I am just going to end this little introduction and follow up with more photos from my trip later on.

But of course, I have to post some sort of photo so let’s end with the last group photo from the trip… me and my bestie with her new little love.

sam joyce emily new york 2014