Photo A Day, October—Week 2

Sorry for such a late posting but as the 15th’s “dinner” post was taken in Redding, California, I haven’t been home to finish up the post until today! The second week of October was just so amazing and all about the upcoming wedding that took place last Sunday. From completing last minute projects like the wedding programs to getting my bridesmaid attire in order, it was all about the Wagoner wedding. Oh and I turned 26 too. 😉

Oh and I left on our 2,600 mile roadtrip to Washington and back, but that’s for week 3’s post. 🙂

Happy happy wedding day and week, Mr. and Mrs. Wagoner and welcome home from your glorious honeymoon in Hawaii!

8/angle, 9/red, 10/emotion, 11/something close-up, 12/on the table, 13/landscape, 14/makes you laugh, 15/dinnertime

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