Twenty Five, Tacos, and Treats

As with all good birthdays, there was food. This post is actually less about my birthday but more about what I ate on my birthday. But that’s okay with me!

Did you read my 25 Wishes post a couple weeks ago? Well, here I mark off two wishes!

  • seafood dinner
  • chocolate chip cookies

Thanks to my husband and Kathleen for checking those goodies off!

Andy made me, our friends, and my family shrimp and shredded beef tacos. He didn’t want to be photographed even touching the shrimp so you’ll see I had to get creative on that shot! He also made a jalapeno white sauce that they serve at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Miguel’s Cocina, on Coronado Island. Yum yum yum!

Then Kathleen made me cookies!! She makes the BEST cookies! So delicious… here she goes, doing her thang!

Of course, our dumb oven decided to turn off whilst baking these treats so Kat kept a special watch for the remaining of the time.

And here they are, my little loves… yum!

And that was my 25th birthday told in the form of food.

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