My passions span design, photography, and Disneyland. I work as a designer at Central Creative Group where I am able to create promotional pieces for Christian non profit organizations. It’s what I have wanted to do since I was in high school and I am doing it as my career.
Praise the Lord!

And with an ever growing portfolio of side projects stemming from church events, weddings,  bridal and baby showers—I gave in and finally made myself a shop on Etsy. It was about time, that’s for sure! You can find my shop here: Your New Friend Sam: specialized in custom lettering, designer invitations and personalized handwritten rubber stamps. Read more about my shop here.

I LOVE my shop but I am so much more than that… so here at Sam Allen Creates you’ll see a little bit of everything…  invitations, stamps, DIYs, portraits, and whatever else I may dream up. It’s open ended to allow creativity to endlessly run without limits and boundaries.

Friend me: facebook.com/mrs.samantha.allen

Follow me: @samallencreates

Or you can contact me via the form below:

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Khalid Mansoor says:

    Hello Sam! My name is Khalid. I am a hobbyist photographer- my wife runs a designer clothing line. You can find it on Facebook – it’s called Flaunteen Collection. We are currently looking for a model who can don some of our creations. I live in Irvine, CA. I came across pictures of Rachel Johnson on your beautiful blog …. do you think you can send me her contact information? I’d like to schedule a modeling gig with her. Please please please. Thanks.

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